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LoRaWAN Gateway using STM DISCO-L072CZ-LRWAN1 with Raspberry? or link to Dragino LoRa HAT Gateway?

I am trying to deploy at least a LoRa network (not LoRaWAN compliant - 1 Channel) but the idea is to deploy a LoRaWAN network. For this reason, I have acquired 1 Dragino LoRa HAT Gateway and 1 Raspberry (which together make the Gateway equipment), and some STM DISCO-L072CZ-LRWAN1. I have attempted different alternatives to connect the STM devices to the Dragino Gateway but they were unsuccessful, because the Dragino Gateway has a very few support. So, I wonder if is possible to implement a LoRAWAN gateway by bridging the Raspberry to one DISCO-L072CZ-LRWAN1? If not possible, I need someone who knows how to connect mbed-enabled end devices to Dragino LoRA HAT Gateway to guide me.

Any guide or recommendation will be strongly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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