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Nucleo L073RZ: SX1272 and UART

Hello, I have a Nucleo L073RZ with a LoRa hat (SX1272MB2xAS). Here I was able to send code examples, such as "ping-pong" to other LoRa devices. Now I have sensors that are connected to a measuring amplifier. This amplifier is intended to communicate with the STM32 via UART. This also works on all possible UART interfaces of the STM32. Unfortunately, this does not work if I implement it in this LoRa ping pong example. Here, however, only one or two bytes arrive, although something should be permanently available. Can you tell me why? Can it be that all other UARTs are blocked for some reason? For debugging, I show through the USB-UART issues on the terminal. This works fine.

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Hi Sebastian, Are you referrrin to this implementation? User Manual UM124 , section 6.8 has details on the USART. Could you please check your settings against this description?

Please let us know if you any questions.

Thanks, Naveen team mbed

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