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mbed wait

I am using wait_us in my code but its not accurate as wait_us takes int values but my wait is of wait_us(41.665) how can i do that?

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Hi Aman,

Is there a reason why you can't just round up and wait for 42 nanoseconds? I don't know if the timers can physically support that kind of granularity (picoseconds).

posted by Russell Bateman 28 Jun 2018

I cant because I am designing a signal and it should be accurate and i think its possible because it could be done using clock cycle of 96mhz

posted by aman chawla 28 Jun 2018

and i am stuck on how to convert the resolution to ns

posted by aman chawla 28 Jun 2018
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Hi Aman,

Have a look at this forum thread:

Specifically Alexan's comment should help you.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

- Jenny, team Mbed

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hi jenny i am not sure how to update the libraries could you help me with it

posted by aman chawla 02 Jul 2018

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