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When adding a homepage description to a project page after publishing, the page becoming unviewable.

I have been able to generate homepage documentation before for a specific fork of a program I published under a group, but when republishing the project as a fork and trying to add documentation, it then generates a page error like this:


It is really frustrating, because I have already spent lots of time generating documentation in the homepage editor and have been able to verify what it should look like when pressing the Show Preview button. But to not be able to use this feature, it is not beneficial to me because I want to share example code with the public to help the mbed community grow.

What steps do I have to take to ensure that whatever documentation i want to add to homepage description will actually be added to a project description for a project I am working on so that it most importantly wont disappear and only generate a page error when navigating to the projects correct URL?

for reference one example of a program that is not being displayed correctly in mbed's online website is https://os.mbed.com/users/dev_alexander/code/MAX326xxFTHR_LoRa_PingPongExample/

In the compiler everything is fine, but if I try to re-commit and publish a change to refresh the project page that is viewable on the mbed web site, there is issues with even viewing the page. I get the same screen as above. I just want to be able to share my program with documentation on mbeds site but fear if I try to document this and future programs, I will not be able to do so.

Is this a known bug?

I dont believe it is because I forked the program and then tried to add documentation, but it could be the issue that is causing this problem to keep occurring.

This happens when I try to upload documentation that is simple text, as well as pictures and fancier "markdown like" documentation specific to mbeds documentation API.

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Hi Devin,

Let me try to clarify the steps you are taking to edit your homepage:

  1. You fork a published program within an os.mbed.com team by importing the program into the online compiler and publishing the program as a fork under your account (for example: I imported the mbed_example/DigitalOut_HelloWorld program and forked it here: jplunkett/DigitalOut_HelloWorld)
  2. Then on your forked program on your user account you click on the "Edit repository homepage" link to edit your program's homepage
  3. Then you type your homepage information and click the "Save" button
  4. Now you see a "Page Error" notification and your homepage is not saved

Are these steps correct to reproduce your error?

Please send us an email to support@mbed.com so we can discuss further the issues with your repositories. Thank you!

- Jenny, team Mbed

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Hey Jenny,

Yes, this is exactly the problem I am having at the moment.

-Devin Alexander

posted by Devin Alexander 21 Jun 2018