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Is there a project to put RedBear BLE Nano 2 onto mBED ?

1) Looks like this was started but, how close to completion is it ?



This example says it will make the LED on the Nano 2 flash,

What I really would like is to "mBed" the same BLE functionality as on the nRF52DK into the Nano 2, such that I could use Nordic example code to work the same as on the Nano 2.

For example it would be nice if the PC app "nrfConnect with talk to the Nano 2 as if it was the nRF52DK

2) So if this porting needs assistance, is there anything I might do to assist ?

Question relating to:

BLE Nano is the smallest Bluetooth 4.1 Low Energy (BLE) development board in the market. The core is Nordic nRF51822 (an ARM Cortex-M0 SoC plus BLE capability) running at 16MHz …

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Hello, Same question here. Have you found the answer?


2 years, 11 months ago.

Hi Joseph and Hannah,

It appears that RedBear has merged with another company and eventually the board will no longer be sold, so it's highly unlikely that the Nano v2 will be added to the Online Compiler. However we have support for the Nano v2 in the offline command line compiler (CLI). You can target the board by building with the -m rblab_blenano2 option.

If you aren't familiar with the CLI, please visit the following pages for the installer, instructions and tutorial:


Ralph, Team Mbed

thx!! I fixed the problem by following your comment! means a lot to me!

posted by Hannah L 23 Oct 2018