2 years, 3 months ago.

mbed-cli with mbed-os-example-ble on the BLE Nano 2 board


I am testing out examples in the mbed-os-example-ble repository using the mbed-cli on the BLE Nano 2 board. I am using the GCC_ARM compiler with the target set as NRF52_DK. The examples compile without any errors and flash to the board without any problems. But I am not able to connect to the board on my iPhone using the LightBlue app. I have tried searching the RedBear help forum, the Mbed help forum, and the Nordic help forum but have not found anything of use. I have seen people on those forums say they use the mbed-cli to write code for the BLE Nano 2, but they do not say how they get things to work. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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