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How to retrive the MAC address of the wifi module

Hi everyone,

I have the following setup: Nucleo-L476RG + wifi expansion board : x-nucleo-idw04a1


And I'm trying this example - Network scanning..

https://os.mbed.com/teams/mbed-<<<139716298392256>>> os-examples/code/mbed-os-example-wifi/file/63be19b7a3db/README.md/

Which gives the following error:


Help much needed..?

Secondly.. How to retrive the MAC address of the wifi module on the expansion board..?

Best regards, HTN.

Hi Hut, Thank you for calling this to our attention. We see a similar issue with Nucleo boards with an ESP8266 WiFi module so we are investigating this further. We'll update this thread as soon as we have more information for you. -Ralph, Team Mbed

posted by Ralph Fulchiero 18 May 2018

1 Answer

3 years, 7 months ago.

Hi Hut,

The problem we were having with the Nucleo boards and ESP8266 were unrelated to yours. Can you check that you are using the latest version of the library? We confirmed that works fine with your hardware configuration. Also please check that your shield is properly installed. If we remove the shield, we see the same exact error message. So perhaps it's not seated properly or is broken.

Once your shield is working you can use get_mac_address() to obtain the MAC address as shown in the example. Documentation for the WiFi class is here:


-Ralph, Team Mbed