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Power consumption of Nucleo L432KC board

Hello everyone,

I'm currently developing an IoT LoRa node using a Nucleo L432KC. I want the node to be alive more than a year, so I want to test its energy consumption very carefully.

I intended to cut off any unnecessary devices on the Nucleo board, starting with: • R22 to cut-off LD2 LED (power supply) • D2 to cut-off +3V3_ST_LINK, so the ST-LINK is not supposed to be powered I power supply the board through Vin (9V).

I did some tests and the whole board is consuming 19 mA when running (idle) and 6 mA in stand-by mode. I don’t understand where those 6 mA are coming from. The STM32L432KC is consuming few uA so it’s not up to the microcontroller (tested with an amperemeter on JP1).

However, the 3V3_ST_LINK voltage which is supposed to be 0V is at 0.85V when the L432 is in sleep mode and 2.65V when it’s running. I don’t know what the origin of this voltage is and I don’t know either where the 6 mA are coming from.

Any idea? :) Thank you! You can be my hero of the day, maybe of the week!


NB: the sch of the Nucleo board is attached./media/uploads/Granyy/mb1180.pdf

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