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Second USB on Nucleo L432KC

Hello all, I am using Arm Mbed Online Compiler and I am testing Nucleo L432KC (because 256k flash and small size). In my application (Nucleo is put on my customized baseboard with electronics and connectors) I would like to use the onboard USB connector only for programming, but for main communication with PC I need to have USB device connector on my baseboard - it means I need to have USB on some pins of Nucleo...

I have found that in principle it is possible: https://os.mbed.com/users/va009039/code/F042K6_USBDevice/ by library USB serial....


1. I can not find the similar library what will support my Nucleo L432C or how to modify available library for my device?

2. It is not clear for my how to define pins where will be D+, D- and what pins are able to support this USB emulation? (in actual design I have free pins PB6,PB7 and PA11,PA12)

Do you have any idea how to solve it? I will be very grateful for every advise, because I spent a lot of testing time on different USB libraries, but without success .

Note: If necessary I can change my design and prepare some another pins for USB communication.....

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