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cc1101 configuration with mbed


I am using @Athanassios Mavrogeorgiadis / CC1101_Transceiver library for my cc1101 modules (433 Mhz).

I have connected one module with LPC1768 and one module with K64F.

My intention is to send data from lpc1768 to k64f. However I am struggling with it.

I have experienced with xbee and other wireless modules which use uart communication. This is the first time I am using SPI protocol and so far I am struggling with it. can anyone give me some guidance that how can i send simple text data from one module and receive it on the other end.

i use some printf commands to check what I am receiving after interfacing, but i can only print some raw data like (255,16,31) I assume it works in hexadecimal??

anyone who has used these module please provide me with some assistance.

thanks in advance

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