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Wiki edit stopped working for my team repository

I have created a "Public (Unlisted)" repository in a team I am owner and I was able to edit the Wiki pages and the homepage. I've created pages and put content in them. Everything was working fine but now I can't access those pages no more, even I am not able to edit the homepage. What happened?? :-( I get the following message:


Page error

Sorry, this page is currently unavailable.

I also have other repositories in that team in which the Wiki can't be editted (Private), but in others I can.

This might be related with this other question I have made: https://developer.mbed.org/questions/7978/Team-repositories-admin-link-broken/

I realized that Wiki editing stops working when we push changes to the Mercurial repository from our desktop (using hg in the command line) instead of using the online compiler. Funny...

posted by Sebastián Pastor 07 May 2015

Update: after more tests I have found how to reproduce. This only happens when I add a dependency with another library, then it stops allowing Wiki edits. It doesn't matter if it's done from the command line on windows or from the online compiler. As long as I add a dependency, the Wiki links throw errors and don't allow editting. It also doesn't matter if the repostiroy is public, unlisted or private. But it does work fine on a personal (not a team) repository. Steps to reproduce:

1.- Create a library repo in a team. I chose "Public (Unlisted)" but it also happened with "Private", didn't try "Public"

2.- Edit homepage, it works fine.

3.- Import into an empty project in online compiler.

4.- Add a dependency with any other library. I used TextLCD.

5.- Commit and publish changes.

6.- Go to repo homepage and try editting. It will not work and will show a "Page error", also the "Wiki" tab won't work.

posted by Sebastián Pastor 07 May 2015

Closing as I was able to post this question in the proper forum: https://developer.mbed.org/forum/bugs-suggestions/topic/5945/

posted by Sebastián Pastor 07 May 2015