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Fried my Mbed nxp lp1768 with L298N motor Driver

Hello, i was working with the mbed nxp lpc1768 to control the motors of a robot , where four pwm pins(21,23,24,25) from the mbed goes straight to the L298N IN1,IN2 ,IN3, IN4 respectively , the L298N is powered by a 12V source , which goes through a voltage regulator L7808 then two L7805 to power the mbed with 5V , i worked with this circuitry for over a month, then yesterday from nowhere , the mbed just went off and never turned on again since then, i'm absolutely sure that there were new naked wires or such things , no short circuits i also use 3 fuses to protect the circuit , what happened to my mbed , is it fixible ?

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