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How to get a FRDM-KL05Z to run with MBED?

I need a small chip size and low pin count for a design. I picked the Kinetis KL05Z in 4x4mm QFN and wanted to use the Freescale Freedom board FDRM-KL05Z as development platform. I've heared that the KL25Z works fine with MBED, and wonder if someone has a hack:) to flash code? My current project is the iKazoo (>youtube). Thanks

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7 years, 3 months ago.

KL25z works OK with the mbed compiler . If you want to port this code to a smaller chip ( KL05Z ) I suppose the easiest way would be to export it using an offline compiler , like Keil , and make necessary changes there. ( I dont know any hack ) KL05Z features openSDA bootloader , so flashing is easy

Regards, Christos.

Accepted Answer

I used CodeWarrior XM, and that works well. But I miss all this nice features of the MBED libraries:) The KL05 comes in that 24 LQFN (4x4mm) and I don't want to over-engineer the project. I've ordered some Freedom KL25Z as well as KL05Z ones. I will try to use the KL25Z openSDA to program the KL05Z and will report how it's turned out.

posted by Wolfgang Richter 15 Apr 2013