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Are STM32L433 or STM32L443 compatible with nucleo L432KC?

Hi everybody, I have a STM32 NUCLEO L432KC , and I would like to use an STM32L433 or STM32L443 MCU to programme it via ST LINK , but in the Mbed compiler there is no nucleo with those MCU, so my question is: Can i select as target a L432KC and afterwards uploading that code into the STM32L433 or STM32l443?

you can also use www.atollic.com which is now free for STM targets.

posted by David Thedens 05 Feb 2018

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Hi Javier, I added a complete new STM32L433 target to mbed (NUCLEO_L433RC_P) which fully supports the 433 MCU series. It is already available in the offline compiler.

For initial testing, you can use the L432KC, however the RX serial pin is not connected/defined right and additional pins, additional SPI/I2C/UART channels etc. and features are missing.

I hope ARM enables the "NUCLEO_L433RC_P" target board soon in the online compiler which means you can select the NUCLEO_L433RC_P for your projects.

Regards Helmut

Accepted Answer

Hi Helmut,

Perhaps a noob question: What tools do people use to program targets not supported in mbed.h? Do they use CubeMX and something else?


posted by Guillermo Robles 05 Feb 2018
  • You can use Keil MDK IDE and tools (Windows)
  • You can use IAR IDE and tools (Windows)
  • You can use gcc/gdb offline tools and openocd. (free, works Mac/Win/Linux)
posted by Helmut Tschemernjak 05 Feb 2018

Many thanks!

posted by Guillermo Robles 08 Feb 2018