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GPIO Pins of a LPC1768

Could I use other GPIO Pins as on mbed if I use a 1768 other board ?

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Yes, you can use (almost) all GPIO pins of the LPC1768. Instead of the normal mbed pin numbers you then use the port/pin numbers of the LPC1768. For example:

DigitalOut dOut(P0_10); //Port 0, pin 10

Two things to take into account: the pins used for the interface with the mbed magic chip (the schematic should tell you which one they are), and since this is of course used way less often than the normal pins there is probably a larger chance on bugs.

Accepted Answer

Looking at the following link might prove helpful: http://mbed.org/users/fraserphillips/notebook/mbed-gpio-pin-table/

posted by Neel Shah 15 Oct 2012