5 years, 4 months ago.

Serial Rx/Tx inverse


Is it possible to inverse serial pins? something like

Serial blue(p13,p14); init serial to use bluetooth to > Serial blue(p14,p13); init serial to use bluetooth

When i try it Mbed turning to bugged mode.

if there are a solution for this problem Thanks :)

1 Answer

5 years, 4 months ago.

Do you want to invert the signals (so 3.3V becomes 0V and vice versa), or do you want to invert the pins, RX/TX? The second one is simply not supported by the pinout. The first one might be possible, not sure, would have to have a further look into it.

the second one so i think i should find an other solution arf thanks for your help

posted by david porchet 30 Apr 2015

Can't you simply connect them to the other pin? If you really want to use those pins, there is a Software Serial lib you can use on (almost) any pin (the RX pin needs to support InterruptIn).

posted by Erik - 30 Apr 2015