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mbed frizing EthernetInterface HTTP file server

Import programHTTP_SDcard_file_server

HTTP Server, using SD card and EthernetInterface.

I write small HTTP file server that exploring SD card and send web pages to client, using EthernetInterface library. Code work, but sometimes mbed frizing. Always frizing occurs when mbed sent information to HTTP client. Exactly when call function tcpip_apimsg(struct api_msg *apimsg) in file "tcpip.c", after execute row sys_arch_sem_wait(&apimsg->msg.conn->op_completed, 0); Maybe problem is in libs EthernetInterface or RTOS. If somebody can help her will be good. And another question is how to put this code in Thread work together with another Thread manage serial port?

Hi Ivan, This looks very useful, especially if you can get it to stop quitting. Would you post a simpler one, using the local file system instead of the SD card? This would be great for people with small HTML files and don't have the SD card. Thanks.

posted by Yale E. Goldman 11 Apr 2013
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