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Greentea testing

Hello everyone,

Iam trying to use greentea to test our target. Everytime i build mbed with test (with command mbed test -m "targetname" - t "toolchain") everything proceed ok, but the green tea gives response that test past ok for test case "Echo server: x16" even if i try to test specialy only timing, what is also defined in test_spec.json file

Iam not sure if i connect everything corectly.. Iam flashing our target (processor STM32F437IIH6 ) over nucleo f429ZI placeholder. and greentea test proceed ok (so i expect, that comunication is ok)

Do you know what blocks greentea to test my cases? Do i have to connect also target serial line with placeholder or is debugger conector enough ?

Thank you very much for answer!


Hi David, can you post the commit hash for mbed-os? It looks like this is actually correct behavior as Echo Server: x16 is a single test case in the tests-event-timing test-suite. You can look at the actual tests by opening TESTS/events/timing/main.cpp

posted by Michael Bartling 23 Oct 2017
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