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What STM32L151CCU6 peripherals are used in libxDot-mbed5

What microcontroller peripheral resources are used in the libxDot-mbed5 library? I don't want to break the library.

SPI1 - Semtech radio (I assume) TIMx - ? DMAx - ? IWDG/WWDG - ? CRC unit -?

Thanks, Peter

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The MultiConnect® xDot™ is a low cost, low power LoRa Module.

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Have you read the developer guide? http://www.multitech.com/documents/publications/manuals/s000645.pdf

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hi, andrew. I supposed that the rfu pins have been conected to de mcu pins; reading again the developer guide; i decided to resolve this questions making an exccel list with the connections of pins of mcu, xdot an sx1272 chips.

posted by Carlos Valdemar Soria 26 Jan 2018
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i have the same question..