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The Tx power is not correspond to the Uart command

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I connect my board with the RF cable to the SA. After follow the instructions for transmitter test. I saw the power is abnormal. Is there any specific set up I need to do? /media/uploads/williamwu/09.png /media/uploads/williamwu/dsc_0244_-1-.jpg

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If you are testing at 915MHz, you should have your SMA cable on the ANT_HF connector. Such a low power level would suggest you are on ANT_LF. You should use a 20dB attenuator on spectrum analyzer for safety.

When you use the command "op 20" you should see "+20dBm PADAC bias". You can verify +20dBm TX bias by reading register 0x4d, ie "r 4d"

Hi Wayne

It`s glad to have your suggestion. AS you refer, I have confirmed that my set up is just what you suggest. The result still the same. https://os.mbed.com/questions/79158/The-Tx-power-is-not-correspond-to-the-Ua/

posted by william wu 02 Oct 2017