3 years, 11 months ago.

sx1276 could not bidirectional transmission

Hi everyone! I'm trying to use Raspberry Pi as the gateway of Lora, and Arduino as the node. But the problem I met is the data could not transfer from node to gateway. However, the gateway could send data to node and work great! The source code I use is node-sx127x from github. https://github.com/sandeepmistry/node-sx127x But the code work without problem with two Arduino. They both could send and receive! And I also check the pulse on sx1276 module. It will show a pulse when it get the data. But could not observe the pulse on sx1276 with Pi, always the sine wave. http://imgur.com/I8DnOCB As you can see 116 and 110 are Raspberry Pi with Lora modules and execute send and receive. COM14 and 21 are the Arduino execute send and receive. But Arduino could receive both of source. The receiver on Pi could not receive anything. Is there anyone know how to fix it ? I bought two kinds of module and show the same result. Thanks!

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