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Server error while performing a simple search

With mBuino as the target device and using the mbed-dev library, running in the latest Google Chrome browser on Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit, I did a case-sensitive search for PinMode, because I wanted to see the symbols in this enumeration.

After some time, I got the following server error message: /media/uploads/kgcode/server_error_001.png

and after clicking OK, I got another one, and finally got: /media/uploads/kgcode/server_error_002.png

Is there a workaround for preventing this error?

Hi Ken,

This may be a server overloaded issue, and may have been intermittent.

Is this still occurring? If so can you write to us at support@mbed.org?


Andrea, team mbed

posted by Andrea Corrado 26 Jun 2017

From here, it is 100% reproducible every time I attempt to perform this search. I have attempted it at least five times, at different times of day, and it happens every time. I just tried it again (6:20am local time), and had the exact same problem.

posted by Ken Gregg 26 Jun 2017
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