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Not working with MacOS 10.12.15

I'm one of those folks who updates the OS often to avoid security holes... however, when I try to move my compiled code (the .bin file) to the KL25Z it does not execute the code.

I installed a Windows virtual machine and that works... however, I have a classroom full of students, most of which are unable to use their Macs with mbed.

Happy to help debug the issue as it's causing a lot of pain in class, and turning students away from the platform as a whole.


Hi Andrew,

Thanks for getting in touch and indeed this is a big issue that needs to be taken seriosuly.

Can you write to support@mbed.org, detailing the issue in full and the steps to reproduce, screenshots would be great too.

Thanks for letting us know,


Andrea, team mbed

posted by Andrea Corrado 20 Jun 2017

I have exactly the same problem with MAC OS 10.13.4. No problem using Windows 7 virtual machine, but using MAC, copied binary code on USB drive is not executed. Any bugfix available for this issue?

posted by Jose Antonio Rodrigo 24 Jul 2018
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