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Dear Semtech,

I have this kit : Everything is working with ABP but not working with OTAA.

I have try this board : Everything is working with both ABP and OTAA.

Is anything wrong with sx1272 and OTAA (with your example)? Best regards, Bastien

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I have the same problem with SX1272 and NUCLEO-L073RZ. I commissioned the board to OTAA, public, DEVICE_EUI , APPLICATION_EUI, APPLICATION_KEY and checked the correct band USE_BAND_868. Tested on two different sx1272 shield/nucleo boards but never got them passing the joining status.

The LoRa gateway is a MultiConnect Conduit. I succesfully got it working with mDot with that same configuration.

posted by Jules Duperoux 27 May 2019
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1 year, 8 months ago.

Tested it without any success. Compile OK, start OK but never join. Use the same hardware and use the I-CUBE-LRWAN from STM and joined fine.

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