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MBED NXP LPC2368 unable to run code

I have several MBED NXP LPC2368 microcontrollers that I use in an intro to microcontrollers course. My latest group of students created new accounts but initially couldn't add the MBED NXP LPC2368 platform. I got around this by sending them a hyperlink to the corresponding page from my account. This allowed them to add the MBED NXP LPC2368 platform.

However they can not get any code to compile and run on the MBED NXP LPC2368. It appears that the most recent library updates are incompatible with the MBED NXP LPC2368. In my own account I can revert to the earlier working libraries however since these are new accounts they don't have any earlier libraries to revert to to. Is there any way around this problem or are the MBED NXP LPC2368 just too old to be used?

Yes, you can get 2368 code to work with mbed. You will have to build offline though. There is a giant thread on here related to how to get it working. I *think* it was Adam Green who released the how-to. You might google it and find the threads faster. If you want to use the online builder then, no, it is not supported.

posted by Bill Bellis 30 May 2017

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I think only Cortex-M series are supported now. The LPC2368 has the older, ARM7TDMI core. Only the mbed beta board had the older LPC2368 back in 2010. All of the production mbed and mbed enabled boards have Cortex-M core. You should change now.

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Thank you for your prompt response. It is as I had feared that the LPC2368 is too old but I thought I would ask anyway in case there existed a work around.

posted by Philip Stanger 30 May 2017