3 years, 8 months ago.

Heap Stack Issue in IAR


i'm facing issue with HEAP memmory in IAR toolchain. my board have 16KB RAM.

in Greentea test "rtos-rtx-target_cortex_m-tests-memory-heap_and_stack" testcase is failing when im configuring STACK=0x400 and HEAP =0x000 in xxxxx.icf file.

All other testcases are passing in greentea.

if i change HEAP to 0x800 , that test case is PASS,but "features-tests-filesystem-heap_block_device" , "tests-mbedmicro-rtos-mbed-semaphore" and " tests-mbedmicro-rtos-mbed-threads" are failing due HEAP limit.

How to resolve this issue?

All test cases are Passing with ARM and GCC_ARM tool-chain.

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