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Using Beacon service profile on NRF52832.

I am not sure I totally understand the Beacon service profile, but I am exploring the connection less mode of transmitting sensor data packets. However I read thru' the various Service profiles such as the IBeacon, AltBeacon and UriBeacon services that give me a good start point, however I have queries about a couple of things when implementing the Beacon services and which one is best to use.

1) Can I use the Beacon service making one of the NRF52_DK initiating the connection less mode advertisment and transmitting the sensor data part of the payload and another NRF52_DK scanning for these packets?

2) Is there any range limitations when using the Beacon service on NRF52 or in terms of BLE specs?

3) Which one of the pre-defined Beacon services best fit the usage of what I have described above or intent to do in the connection less mode transfers of data?

Thanks, Ajay

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The nRF52 Development Kit is a single-board development kit for Bluetooth Smart, ANT and 2.4GHz proprietary applications using the nRF52 Series SoC. This kit supports both development for nRF52832 SoCs.

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1) Yes

2) This question are generic for mbed-os BLE implementation. NRF52 is SoC which is compliance with BLE 4.2 standard and has even some feature of 5 (mean the long range support) - so constraints if any are up to code-base. As a beacon is a simple user case of BLE there shouldn't be any limitation in mbed base code. Anyway I recommend to ask ARM.

3) I'm sure that URI beacon doesn't fit to you requirements. Do you look into https://github.com/ARMmbed/mbed-os-example-ble/tree/master/BLE_EddystoneService. This is also good generic question for ARM.

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Thanks Andrzej for taking the time to respond. I am not sure if the ARM folks are even looking at these questions I post. Is there a different forum where they look into more and respond?

Thanks, Ajay

posted by Ajay Kashyap 01 Jun 2017

I think it is great if you set proper tag for this question, like BLE, Beacon. Currently tags suggests that it is question to Nordic only. You can also ask using issues in GitHub repos of example used.

posted by Andrzej Puzdrowski 01 Jun 2017