4 years, 8 months ago.

How to edit mbed Nucleo-f412 library to correct pins PB4 & PB3 for Nucelo-f413?


I currently have a Nucleo-f413zh board, however despite being sold as mbed enabled it appears that it has not yet been added to the mbed support libraries.

As a result, I am currently using the Nucleo-f412ZG mbed library as it is a very very similar board and I have everything working correctly except one thing.

I'm trying to use pins PB3 & PB4 for UART communication (RawSerial), as on my board (Nucleo-f413ZH) these are listed as UART7 RX and TX. However it appears the Nucleo-f412ZG board does not list pins PB3 & PB4 for UART communication.

Therefore can anyone tell me how I can modify the library files manually to specify that these two pins allow UART7 communication?

Thanks, James

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