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How to build FATFilesystem in mbed OS v 5.4


I have currently working with 16KB RAM size controller to interfacing SD card with mbed os v 5.4.

Question 1 : python build.py -m XXXX -t ARM -> No option to include FAT File-system in building ( mbed os v 5.4 onward ). How can i include the File-System in my build library ?

Question 2 : mbed compile -m XXXX -t ARM -> It will building FAT File-system along with my driver,but its include more packages which i don't required (events, rtos, net sockets, etc.. )

My board has limited RAM, hence i want to build only required modules. Basically i want to know how to remove bd(block device) from building of FatFS.

Question 3 : How to exclude RTOS library from build using "mbed compile" option?

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You can ignore things from the build with mbedignore - https://docs.mbed.com/docs/mbed-os-handbook/en/5.2/advanced/mbedignore/

You cannot remove the block device, as it is now used by FATFileSystem.

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you cannot remove the block device, as it is now used by FATFileSystem.

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i got an error at compiling

error: #322: object of abstract class type "SDFileSystem" is not allowed: pure virtual function "mbed::FileSystemLike::stat" has no overrider

after commenting " virtual int stat(const char *name, struct stat *st) = 0;"in FileSystemLike.h its compiled successfully. shall i need to be change/add anything extra to avoid this error ?

Used SDFilesystem and FatFilesystem is https://developer.mbed.org/users/mbed_official/code/SDFileSystem/

posted by Arun KR 10 May 2017

Are you using FATFilesystem in mbed os? Because the library you linked is an mbed 2 library. If you are using mbed os, you are no longer required to use an extra library, FATFileSystem is in the mbed-os tree. Please see documentation here - https://docs.mbed.com/docs/mbed-os-api-reference/en/latest/APIs/storage/filesystem/.

posted by Sarah Marsh 10 May 2017

thank you :)

posted by Arun KR 11 May 2017