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in the "init.cpp" from MODSERIAL are several faults: "index" is no member of "serial" e.g.

What is to do?

In fact this compiles better ... but ... now in "main.h" from "ov7670-lib" "p1,..,p28" and "Port0" seem "undefined"

I found it out now:

With the help of "mem-src" I found the new names of the PIN's and PORT's ... as well as that the normal function of the unknown routine "mbed_reset()" seems void ... at least I assume so from the source code.

Now it compiles at least! So I'll go to connect the hardware

Thank you Eric for your help!

posted by David Sourlier 09 May 2017

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3 years, 3 months ago.

Which MODSERIAL are you using? I assume mine? And then on your STM device? Are you using the latest version of MODSERIAL? Since what you describe should have been fixed recently. If you are not sure regarding the version: Right mouse button, update on the library in the online compiler.

Hello Erik Thank you for your quick help. Yes I already updated with right mouse button. But as the author of MODSERIAL there is named "Andy Kirkham". The reason behind is the following: I wanted to try OV7670-Library with OV7670_TEST_CODE. When I load this library there is automatically load this library from "Andy Kirkham". I didn't knwo that there are different standard libraries (I'm new with STM-Device) and I don't know how to load an other one (yours e.g.). And further more I don't know if "ov7670"-LIB works also with an other MODSERIAL? Or do you know yow to make work ov7670-LIB? Best regards David

posted by David Sourlier 08 May 2017

Andy made the original version, and it is only compatible with the LPC1768 and LPC11u24 (since back then only those existed, and it was not expected there would be this many now).

I made a version that supports more other ones, and that should be drop in replacement. So delete your current MODSERIAL, import this one: https://developer.mbed.org/users/Sissors/code/MODSERIAL. However it officially does not support yours either. Unofficially, it probably works. In the device folder you have two STM files where TARGET_NUCLEO_F401RE is checked to exist. Replace both of them with TARGET_STM32F4, and it should compile for you.

posted by Erik - 08 May 2017