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Microcontrollers with native mbed USB-interface

Hi, I'm just wondering if there are more MCUs like the LPC11U24/35 that have a native USB-Interface to just drop the mbed-firmware-files in, without the need of any separate programmer-chip.

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Some STM ones also have a built-in USB bootloader, but that requires a special program and is not drag and drop like those MCUs. So as far as I am aware only a bunch of NXP ones like the one you mention have the built-in drag and drop USB bootloader.

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For native USB there is something in the STM bootloader called DFU boot. when the MCU-Boot0 pin is high during reset or poweron the MCU can be programmed via the DFU protocol. Unfortunately there is no easy Drag&Drop tool (Mac, Windiows, Linux) which takes the .bin files and downloads this via the DFU protocol. I believe Atmel has as well DFU support.

Hello Helmut,
If you mean the STM32 USART system memory bootloader (Application Note 2606) then STM provides an easy to use MS Windows tool called FLASHER-STM32 which is similar to the Flash Magic utility available for the NXP microcontrollers.

posted by Zoltan Hudak 01 May 2017

I am talking about USB DFU. When in boot mode the STM MCUs can be programmed via USART, SPI and USB. For USB it is the DFU protocol.

posted by Helmut Tschemernjak 02 May 2017