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Nucelo L152RE+ LORA SX1276M1B1MAS LED issues PingPong Demo


I'm quite new at firmware. I'm finding issues while running PinPong DEMO in Nucelo L152RE+ LORA SX1276M1B1MAS. I'm using CoIDE 1.7

  • LED issue: its ligh is very very low, it's hard to see, is this normal? I'm powering it from my PC, the other two LEDs light very well. When two nodos are programmed with the Ping Pong Demo, LED blinks very quickly (but very light, it's difficul to see)

When only one node is ON, LED bliks with slower perior: around 3 second. Which it seems OK, it is what it was expected.

Then I tried to fix LED to 0 always, so I fix led=0; and comment all the other led commands. But it blinks at this lower pace anyway. So I undeclared led and comment al led references. It keeps blinking! Then I modified #define RX_TIMEOUT_VALUE , the blinking pace changes with this value, even if it is not any led declare in the main function. I suppose the LED is bliking in other function, but in this case why to write this led functions in the main if they are not useful? Where is the blinking code written?

Another question, in code:

  1. if( defined ( TARGET_KL25Z ) || defined ( TARGET_LPC11U6X ) )En nuestro caso NUCLEO- L152RE DigitalOut led(LED2);
  2. else DigitalOut led(LED1);
  3. endif I have seen that LED1 is defined to be PA_5 as LED2, but I don't undertand why is called LED1 in code, it is not supposed to be called LED2 in the board??
  • Debug messages issues: I defined
  1. define DEBUG_MESSAGE 1 But I don't see where the messages can be seen, I thought they will appear in the CoIDE console but I don't see them there.
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