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Did anybody succeed with DISCO-F769NI_LCD_demo ?


Did anybody succeed with DISCO-F769NI_LCD_demo ? https://developer.mbed.org/teams/ST/code/DISCO-F769NI_LCD_demo/?platform=ST-Discovery-F769NI

No matter whether I compile with the Web based compiler or import to mbed and compile locally - the screen just shows some random dots.

Also - can the program be compiled with 5.x - and how do I determine this in / after the mbed import? (it said: [mbed] Couldn't find build tools in your program. Downloading the mbed 2.0 SDK tools...)

Sorry for asking such newbie questions - if there is a good description of how to use existing programs (so far compiled with the Web based compiler) with the "mbed compile" process on desktop + with 5.x - that would be very helpful.

best regards Ralf

In terms of mbed-os support for the DISCO-F769NI, this available and will work. However the example program was written for mbed 2.0, i'm not sure it will compile with mbed-os.

posted by Andrea Corrado 23 Mar 2017
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