3 years ago.

Serial Connection Terminal Window is blank

I cannot seem to interact with the FRDM-K64F board using either a Putty Serial connection or Teraterm. i've attempted baud rate's of both 9600 and 115200. I've compared configuration identically to a friend with the exact same set up. They are able to use a Windows machine and connect using Putty without problem.

I've noticed another thread with similar experience; however the solutions on that did not help here. I cannot understand why i can't interact. I've updated to the latest firmware and I "appear" to be able to run both hello-world and mblinky on the device...

Any ideas? I'm becoming increasingly desperate. Thanks.

I finally figured out the problem. This driver installation 'forced' the actual device to have configuration of 9600 .. so regardless of how i told either Putty or Teraterm to use the serial COM connection it took what was configured in the 'device's' serial port properties "port settings" area managed through device manager

posted by Carol Pincock 27 Mar 2017

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3 years ago.

Can you confirm that you are using the correct COM port? What OS are you using? Can you provide the code you are executing?

Yes, i can confirm i am using the correct COM port. OS = Windows 7 Pro SP1 - all patching up to date. The Putty or Terraterm window "acts" as though it is connected but cursor doesn't move. when i attempt to type anything into the Putty window LED lights on the device blink, but no interaction.Thanks.

posted by Carol Pincock 21 Mar 2017

Can you confirm that you are running a program on the device that allows receiving serial characters from the PC?

posted by Sarah Marsh 23 Mar 2017

Yes, as I stated in my original post i've tried both Teraterm and Putty. neither of which work.

posted by Carol Pincock 27 Mar 2017