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RFM95W LoRa stack


I would like to use the RFM95W LoRa module with the nRF52-DK board to have both LoRaWan and BLE. I found the LoRaWan library from Semtech which seems to be what I need but I still need a LoRa library for the RFM95W module. This module has the SX1276 Semtech chip so can I use the SX1276Lib from Semtech or do I need to write my own ? The SX1276Lib seems to be made for the SX1276MB1xAS shield but as they have the same transceiver, can it work ? And a last question, what is the difference between the SX1276MB1xAS shield and the Dragino LoRa shield ? One cost 50$ when the other cost 20$...


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6 years, 3 months ago.

SX1276MB1xAS has RF switch and it support dual bands. While RFM95W are dedicated for one band, its RF comes out from PA_BOOST. So you have to change the setRxConfig() and setTxConfig() methods in SX1276Lib.

In one word, off-the-shelf modules usually optimized for one band, while DK/EVK from silicon verdors wants to show them all to you.

I am working on a LoRa/BLE bridge as well. I worried about if BLE stack or built-in RTOS has some constraints on LoRa stack, for timing and power saving purposes.