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MAX32630FTHR I2C - ACK Status

A useful I2C function is a quick "ping" to see if a particular device is attached to the I2C bus.

char I2C_Quick_Write(char address)
       // Device present should respond with 0x01, otherwise 0x00
       char RESPONSE = 0x00;
       RESPONSE = i2c1.write(address);                         // Echo ACK/NACK Status
       return RESPONSE;    

When I use the above function with the MAX32630FTHR, I always receive a "1" regardless of whether the device is attached. Does the MAX32630FTHR propagate the I2C ACK/NACK status like other mbed platforms?

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I guess this is a non-issue or has been solved elsewhere in the community??

posted by Bill Smith 28 Feb 2017
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