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Sample code to obtain data from all sensors

If someone has a simple and clear examples of code to retrieve data from all the sensors, then please share them.

Thank you!

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The simple clear code you look for, that is compatible with the mbed IDE (and not that hideously over complex Kinetis Design Studio) is of course here - - https://developer.mbed.org/teams/Hexiwear/code/

I'm writing this because someone coming from google might otherwise have trouble finding it (like I did at first). Just sign in, use their onliner IDE, and you're priogramming in minutes.

I am concerned about the mbed hexiwear link up though. They seem to have gone off and left people in the lurch without basic support for heart monitor, low power modes, how to rd/wr Flash, how to set a watchdog, etc.

However, what they have done so far in the mbed examples is great.

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It will nice if they release the source code for the factory firmware.

They did, but it is not compatible with the mbed-os & IDE platform. M Fabrice below gives the link.

posted by L Ofaday 17 Jun 2017
3 years, 8 months ago.

They already did!


Thanks. It says firmware for docking station K20 MCU Not sure if that means if that goes into the HexiWear module itself. Also not sure this would run on the Clicker2 board

posted by Sudhir Kshirsagar 09 Apr 2017