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FRDM-K22F Kit is not working out of the box.

I'm following the quick start guide for the FRDM-K22F.

So far I've, -Installed the USB drivers -Verified connection to computer through device manager. -Connected to the serial port with tera term.

Step 5 which involves pulling up a menu of demo's on tera term by pressing the SW3 button on the board is not working. The button does nothing and the board doesn't seem to be responding to the reset button either. The reset button just turns on a red led.

My guess is there could of been something wrong with the .inf file needed for the serial port. Can anyone help?

I have no idea which code they put on there by default, but you do see the serial port in teraterm? Did you put the baudrate correctly? Which USB port are you using? And do you see an mbed drive in your explorer?

posted by Erik - 23 Feb 2017

I was using the J5 USB port by the reset button. I did set the baudrate, according to the quick start guide it was set at 115200. Yes, I saw the drive in explorer. I'm using a Windows 10 OS I've seen a couple spots in the forums where this might be a problem.

An update, I attempted to bootload the newest firmware version on to the board. I entered bootloader mode by holding reset when plugging the device in. I saw the device enumerate as the bootloader in explorer. After a few seconds it disappeared from explorer, all the lights turned off, and it seems to be stuck in this state. It seems to be bricked, trying to reprogram it with a Universal Multilink.

posted by Brendan Merna 23 Feb 2017

If you again mount it as bootloader, does it appear, or also not? For your first problem I would just program it with a blinky program, but that is now not the main issue.

posted by Erik - 23 Feb 2017

No and none of the lights come on. I found in a thread that I probably bricked it and have to program it with a stand alone programmer.

That being said I have another FRDM-K22F and this one doesn't even register as a device in device manager. Are these boards known to have a ton of issues? This seems harder then it should be.

posted by Brendan Merna 23 Feb 2017

Good news: The 2nd one was just already in bootloader. I programmed it with the correct .bin file and it connects. Still, I'm back to the same problem I had with the first one. No console messages are showing up on tera term.

posted by Brendan Merna 23 Feb 2017

They are not known for many issues. Especially if also none of the lights come on, and no mass storage shows up, then it really seems bricked indeed. Programming it from another board/stand alone programmer might solve it. Just to be sure, you are still plugging in the correct USB port?

In general for FRDM, but also other boards, it should not be required, but it also cannot hurt to follow this one: https://developer.mbed.org/questions/77014/Reset-to-factory-settings/. Just to make sure Windows isn't writing random files to the drive.

posted by Erik - 24 Feb 2017
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