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How to start with LPCXpresso using a LPC1769 microcontroller?

For you to understand my issue I have to introduce myself. My name is Marco (you can call me as Marcus /media/uploads/Marcus314/lpcxpresso.jpg if you want :D) and I'm a beginner in microcontrollers. I started taking a course on microcontrollers in January of this year and our teacher has asked us to buy an LPC1769 as well as downloading (and activating of course) the Eclipse-based LPCXpresso IDE for coding our microcontroller. He has given us an assignment of building a circuit using LEDs ressembling a KITT car (from the Knight Rider TV show of the 1980s) so he has given us the code yet we (the class) don't know how a single thing on programming a micro. We have been involved before on coding Arduino IDE and most of them will just copy and paste the code that the teacher has left them on his Google Drive. Yet they say the code has worked on their circuits; this is because they just copied and pasted the code as well because someone else gave them the circuit; and they encourage me on doing the same. The worst part of this is that in the end they will not have the knowledge on programming a microcontroller and I really want to learn. I have sought for videos on the internet but none of them has worked for me and end up confusing me even more :(. I just have bought the LPC1769 and downloaded the IDE for coding but I really want to know what's the real first step and keep moving and learning at the same time. I want to learn from zero with things such as blinking a LED (the equivalent of "Hello World" as in C programming on structured programming) and going step by step. I need to know what are the tools I should include on my LPCXpresso to be able to work and do things like how to upload the code to my LPC1769 with examples. I trully want to learn this; I'm really passionate on electronics and I think is lame that my teacher doesn't actually teach us yet he only comes to the classroom telling jokes and making fun on us telling we aren't going to pass the course and he has videos on his YouTube channel but he does not explain a single thing. I really appreciate your answers.

P.D. I already have experience on basic digital/analog electronics if you ask.

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