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MAX32630FTHR mBed

Has anyone managed to compile, download, and run any of the code examples for this board? I purchased two of these boards and I can't over write the demo program that was loaded at the factory.

I can compile code using the online mBed compiler as usual, then download the binary file to the target board using the supplied MAXREFDES100HDK interface pod. When I plugin the USB cable to the microUSB plug on the MAX32630FTHR board, the target appears on my PC as a USB drive labeled DAPLINK.

No matter what binary file I download to the board, the factory demo program always runs at boot.

I am obviously missing something. I have written several programs for the MAX32600MBED board, and I was looking forward to porting them to the MAX32630FTHR, but now I am frustrated that I can't get anything to run.

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To program the MAX32630FTHR board, follow these steps:

  1. Connect the MAX32630FTHR board to the MAXREFDES100HDK board with the 10pin ribbon cable.
  2. Connect the MAX32630FTHR board to a power source through the micro-USB connector
  3. Connect the MAXREFDES100HDK to your computer with a cable to the micro-USB connector labeled "HDK"
  4. When the "DAPLINK" drive appears, click on the mbed.htm file
    • If the file does not take you to the MAX32630FTHR platform page, you will need to update the HDK firmware
  5. Drag and drop your image onto the "DAPLINK" drive.
    • The Led on the programmer should blink and the drive will disappear and reappear.
  6. When the "DAPLINK" drive reappears, open the drive.
    • If there is no fail.txt file present, programming was successful.
    • If a fail.txt file is present, open the file to see error messages about why programming failed.
  7. Press the power/reset button on the MAX32630FTHR board and the new image will run.

If it does not take you to the MAX32630FTHR page, you may need to update the programmer. This page explains how to update the firmware on the programming adapter: https://developer.mbed.org/teams/MaximIntegrated/wiki/MAXREFDES100HDK

Hi Greg, Thank you for responding. No, there is no fail.txt file. Double-Clicking the mbed.html file on the DPALINK takes me to the MAX32630FTHR webpage as expected.

What I would like to accomplish is get the simple blink example program to run on the MAX32630FTHR board, and prove to myself that it is really the program that I wrote, not the factory programmed demo. I tried modifying the demo program, shorten or lengthen the LED blink time, changing which LED is blinking, but it seems that the original demo always runs when I plug in the USB cable.

This can't be this difficult. Do you have a step-by-step procedure for boneheads?

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posted by Bill Smith 12 Feb 2017

Bill, The programming adapter does not provide power to the target so you need to plug micro-USB cables into both boards. Once both boards are powered, the HDK port on the programming adapter should behave just like the port on the MAX32600MBED board. Please note that you need to use the HDK port on the MAXREFDES100HDK programming adapter. The other connector labeled DEV is only used with the MAXREFDES100 hSensor board. I'll edit my answer with more detailed instructions.

posted by Greg Steiert 13 Feb 2017

Sorry Greg, my web browser hid your steps 1 through 7. STEP 2 was the key to the Kingdom. I falsely assumed that the JTAG ribbon cable provided power to the board. Thank you very much for all your help!

Life is good again.

posted by Bill Smith 13 Feb 2017