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Configure Stack size


I am trying to configure my stacksize. I tried doing it with the mbed_app.json file and I edited the targets.json file. The configuration are also in the mbed_config.h but I can't see the impact in for example the memap output.

Is there something else I have to do to make the configuration work other then just editing the .json files?

Here is my mbed_config.h :


#ifndef __MBED_CONFIG_DATA__
#define __MBED_CONFIG_DATA__

// Configuration parameters
#define MBED_CONF_NSAPI_PRESENT                     1    // set by library:nsapi
#define MBED_CONF_PLATFORM_DEFAULT_SERIAL_BAUD_RATE 9600 // set by library:platform
#define MBED_CONF_PLATFORM_STDIO_CONVERT_NEWLINES   0    // set by library:platform
#define MBED_CONF_EVENTS_PRESENT                    1    // set by library:events
#define MBED_CONF_RTOS_PRESENT                      1    // set by library:rtos
#define MBED_CONF_PLATFORM_STDIO_BAUD_RATE          9600 // set by library:platform
#define MBED_CONF_TARGET_STACK_SIZE                 2048// set by target:NUCLEO_F411RE
#define MBED_CONF_PLATFORM_STDIO_FLUSH_AT_EXIT      0    // set by application[*]
// Macros
#define OS_IDLESTKSIZE                              32   // defined by application
#define OS_STKSIZE                                  1    // defined by application
#define OS_MAINSTKSIZE                              1024 // defined by application
#define UNITY_INCLUDE_CONFIG_H                           // defined by library:utest
#define OS_TASKCNT                                  1    // defined by application


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