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Android application to Nucleo- F401RE communication through IDW01M1 wifi module

Hello. I am just a beginner in programming.. Is this even possible?? How am I going to implement this?? Thank you very much.

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Yes, it's possible. We can't help you develop your android application, but TCP and UDP works over WiFi. https://docs.mbed.com/docs/mbed-os-api-reference/en/latest/APIs/communication/wifi/ - here is a reference for the WiFi APIs.

Good luck! Happy programming!

Cheers, Sarah

thanks for your response :)

can you give me an example ? using 1DW01M1 and F401RE communication through a website.. where the F401RE will send information to website

posted by Emmen Martin Masilungan 10 Feb 2017

Is there any program that I can use as a reference? I can't seem to find any program with SWWFInterface. They are all Ethernet. Thank you...

posted by Emmen Martin Masilungan 12 Feb 2017

Here is the example provided by ST https://developer.mbed.org/teams/ST/code/HelloWorld_IDW01M1v2/file/80d8e97e81f2/main.cpp.

As a note, this example is using mbed 2, and not mbed-os.

posted by Sarah Marsh 15 Feb 2017