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Working examples for MQTT on Nucleo-F746ZG??

Hello all! I am very new to mbed. I have successfully gotten several example programs successfully running on my Nucleo-F746ZG (uses STM32). My goal now is to learn about MQTT using ethernet. I have found this library here: https://developer.mbed.org/teams/ST/code/MQTT/

...but there are no example projects...and no "main.cpp" file. The library does have a subfolder called "samples", which contains a file called "publish-subscribe.txt". I copied the contents of this into my own "main.cpp", but it wont compile. There are all kinds of "incompatible redefinition", etc.

Any pointers or resources would be helpful. I will continue learning/searching. Thx! -frenchy (Steve French) www.voltvision.com