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[NUCLEO F446RE] - From mbed online compiler to IDE, what to do?

Hello everyone!

Probably a noobish question, but I've tried to do this for the whole day and I'm not getting what's wrong.

I want to move my mbed projects from the online compiler to an IDE. I have Kinetis, which works fine for FRDMK64F but not for the NUCLSEO F446RE. From what I've understood I should use an IDE with the GNU ARM Toolchain or something similar.

For some reason I cannot install that Toolchain on Kinetis, but apparently I can in Eclipse. So I've installed Eclipse and then installed the plugin GNU ARM Toolchain.

A lot of problems came out of that. I figured out how to configure the gcc and g++ files, then I had to fix the missing echo problem but now something else came out. The message error is simply "binary not found" and I can't build the project.

I've also downloaded and installed the Windows Build Tools for GNU ARM (that should contain the echo file and should make "make" function) but I keep getting errors. If try to directly import a project into Eclipse it just says that it doesn't find any project in the folders.

What do you suggest to do? I really need an IDE to use for my projects since debugging is really helpful, but Kinetis is not working, Eclipse is not working... What IDE do you suggest? Or what can I do to make my projects work with one of them?

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5 years, 4 months ago.

mbed-cli is your answer,

Eclipse will work for you.. but not for us mortals.

Embitz is really excellent but also impossible to setup.

The mbed team has done an absolutely brilliant job under an extremely difficult work load considering the new processors are daily now... and the automated testing systems have to be ginormous.

mbed online is excellent but it is no mean feat to successfully pull a mature project offline.

if you could document the method of eclipse adoption, everyone is keen to listen. thanks in advance.