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Hexi_Pressure_Baro_Temp_Example not working?

hi all,

i am trying to het the pressure sensor in the hexiwear to work but no luck. i know the hexi is good as the factory firmware can read the sensor. but even this simple example does not work: nothing on the terminal. it only starts running when i uncomment all MPL3115 stuff. even the instantiation as below will "hang" / no output:

MPL3115A2 MPL3115A2( PTC11, PTC10, MPL3115A2_I2C_ADDRESS);

any ideas?


Yes Same here.. not working here. some one help us..

posted by vasanth kumar 22 Jan 2017

i think i know what the problem is: in MPL3115A2.cpp in the constructor i commented out the two lines that set the "fall" interrupt. guess interrupts start firing and this is no good. also the interrupt defs are the wrong gpio (should be PTD12 and PTD10, not PTD4 and PTA12)

posted by frank boddeke 22 Jan 2017
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