4 years, 9 months ago.

How to discard the samples equivalent to group delay in CMSIS FIR Filter output?

Hello All,

I'am implementing CMSIS DSP Bandpass filter for my real time application. My issue is that I'am getting the filter output with a group delay.

I'am using below CMSIS DSP functions to filter the input data.

arm_fir_init_f32(&S, NUM_TAPS, (float32_t *)&firCoeffs32[0], &firStateF32[0], blockSize); arm_fir_f32(&S, inputF32 + (i * blockSize), outputF32 + (i * blockSize), blockSize);

My sampling rate is 256Hz No. of filter taps - 39 Input samples length - 288 Output samples length - 288

How should I discard the corrupted samples?

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