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CAN BUS Reading STM32F401RE

Good day, everyone. Firstly, I'd like to thank all of the MBED community in advance for the support. I am currently working on a project where I need to receive a signal via CAN BUS and communicate it to a STM32F401RE for transmission purposes. The signal would be directly transferred to another F401 via an X-Bee module, and then would be read by the computer connected to the second STM, which would then transcribe it. The specific signal I'm after is the gps signal obtainable by the Naza PMU V.2, and looking around the net I've found that the syntaxis of the GPS signal is this: 55 AA 55 AA 03 10 3A 00 <payload> 66 CC 66 CC

Where 55 AA 55 AA is a message header, 03 10 is a two byte message ID, 3A 00 is a two byte (little endian) paylod message length indicator and 66 CC 66 CC is a message footer.

As I'm trying to understand which is the best way to transcribe the CAN BUS message with a transceiver, I find myself struggling to understand which one is it the right way. If anyone could help me solve my question that would be highly appreciated. I thank everybody again in advance, cheers :)

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