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Library for SK6812 RGBW LED

Hi, is there a library for the RGBW LED strip as well ? As much as I've look, only found the RGB one.

Yes, we have, do you need?

posted by Billy Zhang 10 Apr 2017

about SK6812 RGBW led, here have some data for you, SK6812RGBW by 5050 four color synthetic RGB2+Ming micro driver IC built-in integrated IC, LED, white light is white, warm white, natural white three to choose from, 256 gray-scale adjusting circuit, built-in drives, simplify the circuit and is the new generation of intelligent products. Article is suitable for the magic lantern full-color driver module, small circular plate, lattice screen and other LED products. Model:SK6812-RGBW Brand:JERCIO Product specification:SMD 5050 RGBW Operating voltage:DC 5V Product Chip:Sanan Drive IC:mingwei Sk6812 IC Rated current:12mA Product power:0.25W Service life:50000H

posted by Billy Zhang 26 Apr 2017

this link have a some data about sk6812-RGBW, you can go to look: www.Jercio.com/en

posted by Billy Zhang 20 Nov 2017

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Hi Raido, sk6812 have sk6812 5050 rgb,sk6812 5050 rgbw,sk6812 5050 wwa,sk6812 3535 144led/m,60led/m,90led/m,30led/m. sk6812 can replace ws2812b,and better than it,so,if you want to buy sk6812led strip,you can check below link. https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/2017-hot-sale-one-LED-one_60608437373.html?spm=a2747.manage.list.19.D1DcRK

We also have 12v tm1814 ,24v dmx512 rgbw led strip,so,hope this can help you! Alvin