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linking mbed libs in one directory to multiple projects in different directories via mbed-cli

Can I use the mbed-cli tool to download all the mbed libs in one location and link them...the same libs.... to different projects in different directories? The goal is to not have to download 600MB of identical mbed libs per project instance.

If this is possible, I'd appreciate it if someone can inform me of the procedure to make it happen. If not, I highly recommend that it be considered. The platformio mbed build system already does this.

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mbed CLI 1.0.0 has a caching option that will minimize the download by keeping a local version and copying the contents into your working directory. The goal of this is to minimize downloads and network traffic

Alternatively you could clone and setup symbolic links or junctions to get the mbed OS repo but if you have different programs using different versions of mbed OS (2 or 5) you'll need to make sure and update (mbed deploy) each time you work on a different program.

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thanks sam, are any instructions available on how to enable/use this caching function? thanks again

posted by Ziryab 07 Dec 2016


There is a line about caching there.

posted by Sam Grove 13 Dec 2016