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standby power on RN42

Hello all,

I have a nucleo F411RE using it as datalogger and am trying to use the RN-42 module to make the replacement of wires to comunicate with my pc (actually using ftdi serial cable). I have already communicate with the computer without problem and is really like replace an ftdi cable. But the part that i am stuck now is the low power mode that is suposed to be possible. I would like to have the module connected to the nucleo and when i am in the reach of communication it can pair and i could dump the memory to my computer. But until now the only solution i could found was to turn the module on and off using the uC to perform this task, this is not as good as i would like because it connects for some seconds once a minute and turn it off (spend more energy than would like), but the possible standby of some uA is very interest, don't know how to implement. Any help is well come.


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